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Here’s how together we can give your young adult a helping hand without “trying to run their life.”

If your young adult is experiencing sleep problems, tiredness, excessive worrying and irritability, it could be a sign of poor wellbeing rather than the ‘normal’ symptoms of adolescence.

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How can a life coach help my son or daughter?

I work with an extensive range of clients: from the most high achieving and motivated, the disengaged and demotivated, to those who seem ‘ok’ but are showing increasing signs of poor mental health. Working with a Life Coach significantly improves a person’s quality of wellbeing, enabling them to cope with the stresses of life and work effectively in order to thrive.


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I help young people to re-fill their wellbeing tank by learning how to:

Support their sense of self by reframing negative thought and applying positive thinking.
Strengthen their resilience by developing a positive attitude to change and failure.
Improve their capacity to reflect and respond positively to challenges.
Identify opportunities for personal growth and embrace life challenges.
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