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Yes! Yes! Yes! You are now a customer of ‘The Flourish and Thrive Coaching Café’. ‘and I am thrilled to welcome you to our membership family.

Take a look around and get comfortable with how things work
(if you find anything not working then please let me know at hello@carolinejacobs.co.uk).

All resources are kept in the F&T Café (enter here)
– select what you fancy from the menu.

I suggest you choose the ‘First time customer’ option to find out how to get the most from your Flourish and Thrive membership.

Join our members only Facebook group here ……. This is how we keep in contact daily, share ideas and support each other. Unless you have purchased my ‘Face 2 Face’ coaching service, this Facebook group is where I regularly interact with you and other members.

Every fortnight I go ‘live’ using Zoom to answer your questions and provide coaching which is helpful to everyone. This is your chance to say Hi to me and other F&T members in person. There is more about how to use Zoom in the ‘Sharing Platters’ section of the café menu – take a look!