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Whether you’re a Teenager, a Uni Student, new Professional, or a Mum of a Growing Up Son – I understand how adolescence affects YOUR life. If you feel like no-one is listening, I’m here.
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I’m a passionate advocate of the awesomeness of young people – my role is to help them realise how amazing they really are.

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I’m a highly skilled life coach, learning practitioner and motivational speaker.

I have over two decades of experience working with young people and adults in schools and colleges throughout the UK as an Advanced Skills Teacher, Senior School Leader and Teacher Trainer. I designed and implemented new approaches to student pastoral systems that focused on prevention of mental health issues and early intervention services for young people.

If you are an overwhelmed 15 to 29 yr old I can help you to reduce worry, find direction and become happier by learning how to flip negative thoughts and habits via 1to1 online coaching. As my client you will learn to deal better with adversity, develop positive self-talk, and reframe unhelpful mindsets.  I support students, graduates and new professionals to learn how to believe you can achieve your dreams, cope more effectively with challenges and setbacks, and to maximise your own wellbeing as you become ‘more adult’.

As a Life Coach I champion the awesomeness of introverts, empower the highly sensitive, and enable the most ambitious to succeed. I help you to realise what YOU want by actively listening and asking the right questions. Together we create positive, future-focused goals, then plan the best way for you to get there, breaking each goal down into manageable mini steps. Whenever you wobble I am here to clear your path and get you right back on track.

🌼 I also support Mums of Growing Up Sons, helping them to navigate more smoothly through their sons’ adolescent years by understanding the right ways to be there whilst coping with how to let them go 🌼

My online life coaching service seeks to improve your mental health and wellbeing by encouraging more positive mindsets, reducing anxiety, and holding you to account whilst you work towards achieving more personal happiness and success

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I’m good at working with young people. I get them, I like them, I help them.
Young Adults

Not sure what a life coaching is or why you deserve to have one? Want to spend more time feeling happy and in control? Click here to find out more.

Parents information

How helpful would it be to get some extra support for your young person (and yourself!) as they grow into adults? Young people today are three times more likely to be affected by anxiety and social pressures than previous generations. Find out how I can help.

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Want to Feel More Connected to your Growing Up Son?

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Do YOU want to FEEL CLOSER with your growing up son?

Watch this set of short films, written and presented by Caroline Jacobs, specifically designed for and about Mums of Teenage Boys and Young Men. WHY? Because the vast majority of advice on coping with adolescence fails to consider the most important woman in your sons life - YOU his MUM.  Only £37 for three films, all resources plus a short bonus film for your son (total value over £300)